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Creating happy families, 
one mom at a time.

Hi, I'm Natalie!

Do you often find yourself thinking you haven't done a good enough job as a mother?

Worry or feel guilty for the choices that your children are making?

Believe that their choices are a reflection of you and your job as a mother? 

Think that you should have done something differently?

Wish you could go back and do it all over again? 

Don't know where to begin?

As I began my journey in motherhood, I tried hard to create a strong foundation for my children, teach them gospel principles, and set a good example. I felt like it was my job to make sure that they followed the same path that has brought me happiness.  

I poured myself into trying to be the best mom I could be and put everything on hold for them. During this time I felt like my children's behaviors including their successes and their failures impacted how I felt about myself and the job that I did as a mother.


I felt like a ping pong ball of emotions. When things were going well I felt great, but when things weren't going well for them,  I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I felt responsible to make sure they were happy and succeeding. 

I believed: 

  •  I was supposed to be a perfect mom. 

  • Perfection was possible. 

  • I could control outcomes.

  • I was responsible for their happiness.

  • I had failed. 


I realized that all of these beliefs were creating a lot of frustration, worry, guilt, shame, self-judgment, and fear-based parenting. 

Something needed to change and it wasn't my children, it was the way I was viewing myself and my efforts as a mother.

This is where life coaching entered and my life started to shift. I began to trust in myself, gain confidence in my role as a mother, and validate my own efforts which led to a healthier relationship with myself and my children.

I understand how you feel and I know that you just want to start feeling  better.  I know what you want more than anything is to have better relationships with your children and feel more confident in yourself and your role as a mother. 

Together we can do this! 

My passion is to help moms heal from the heartache that has left them feeling like they haven't done enough and don't know where to begin. 


I believe that the most important work we can do is within our homes and I believe it starts with us! 



Are you ready to feel better? 
Are you ready to have a better relationship with yourself and your children? 



Let's Get to Know Each Other!

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What Moms Are Saying

Natalie has helped me to be more aware of how to use love to guide my life. As I go through each day I continue to use the tools she has taught me to be a better mother, wife, friend and leader. I am so thankful for the time I had to sit with Natalie as my life coach and will continue to use the lessons she has taught me to be a happier me.

Coaching that nurtures you,
so you can nurture your family.

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